We don’t like jargon or buzzwords, and would like to make your life a lot easier. So we will describe everything you need to know about SEO Milan and our Web Agency Services in an understandable manner.

The Best SEO Agency in Milano

Seekbo Consultancy is the Best SEO Agency in Milan, Italy, 2017, why? Well, because we are the only SEO Milan Agency with international experience in the field of SEO. And have clients around the whole world that rely and trust on us to do their digital marketing work, such as SEO, PPC and other marketing efforts.

Our SEO Agency not only works with the best companies in the world, it also employs the very best in the industry. We therefore ensure you that no matter what type of SEO problem you are facing we are capable of solving it.

Besides that we have heard from many of our Italian clients that other SEO companies they worked with are unreliable, without giving them results and too expensive. That’s why with ever great certainty we can say “we got this”.

When you contact us, you’ll speak directly to Ruben Gräve, the CEO, who also will come to meet you in person to discuss everything you need. He then will be the contact person throughout your entire experience. Proving to be very reliable, fairly cheap and definitely providing results.

He started the company when successfully providing a growth to a company of over 800% in revenue. Leading that website up to a total revenue of €800,000 per month.

SEO Milano - Seekbo

Web Agency Milano

Our company is not only a SEO consultancy agency, We also specialise in other digital fields such as; web development, web site design, social media marketing, app development, ppc, Adwords, and digital marketing advice.

So once you feel like something has to be done on your website to help you gain more traffic, leads or attention to your web site and/or company’s products and/or services, you can be sure that with Seekbo Consultancy your needs will be taken care off.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords for Seekbo Consultancy is a daily operation, with which we control the marketing/advertising budgets of our clients on Google. We look at the best keywords for our client’s business intend and depending on that add them with specific budgets to Google Adwords.

The most important factor here is to come up with the best long-tail keywords, and proving to our clients that they can spend little and receive great results. Ultimately satisfying the client is our goal.

Google Adwords Milano

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing MilanWhen a client has a website for their company but no idea, skill or employee for the social media marketing, we at Seekbo take this on as our own. We look at the culture and profile of the company and then create the best possible social media strategy for them. Always with approval of the client first, we then go on to post and optimise their business on Social Media.

Because don’t forget, Facebook can just as well be seen as a huge Search Engine. Where people look for products, latest trends and best services nearby. So a better representation on Social Media will always help your business grow and get visitors and ultimately more sales.

Web Development (Create a website)

Many other web agencies here in Milan that I spoke to have demands before you even can meet them. Really, they would ask me what the budget is of my company. And if the company was small or medium sized they wouldn’t even consider working with me.

Well, at Seekbo Consultancy we don’t do this. If you are a huge company and need SEO or Web Development you fit right in.

If you on the other hand are a very small startup or a private person with ideas to conquer the internet with your new website. You fit right in as well. We have helped many starting entrepreneurs to make their dreams come true on the internet.

So we offer you a service that can be applied to big and small projects, for big budgets and just as well the small.

In Milan, web development is for us most of the time with small to medium companies. Our focus is to update their website to a modern version. As most of the Italian websites are outdated.

What is SEO Actually?

The word SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. Which means the process of making your site as optimised possible, in order to get traffic from “free”, “natural” or “organic” search results on search engines, such as Bing, Yahoo, Google and DuckDuckGo.

All these major search engines have results based on the intend of the user, e.g. if you are looking for the best place to buy an iPhone the search engine will cross-check all its results to offer you the best place near you to buy your iPhone.

By doing this it will take in account many technical factors. Your and our job is to fulfil those requirements to our best ability and by doing so end up higher in the search results of potential clients and customers.

Keyword Research

One of the most important aspects of SEO in Milan, is to very closely look at the Keywords that people use to search in Search Engines like Google and Bing. And to identify which keywords will drive informational traffic and which will drive transactional traffic.

Very important difference, the informational traffic is coming to your website to learn more about the product or service. Not bad to have, but this traffic will not generate you huge sales.

The transactional traffic, the kind we look for when doing keyword research, is the traffic that has as intend: BUY. Is the traffic we want. They know what they need, they just need to find the best company to sell it to them. And that has to be you. Which is our job, to make that person find you as the best possible option in their search results.

This is the service we offer

01    SEO Consulting

This is the best of SEO service we can offer. We go with you on the journey of SEO and guide you through all the challenges in SEO. We will actively take over parts of your website, apply technical SEO techniques and optimise all your pages. Also includes Google Adwords, PPC and most of the times Social Media Marketing. 

02    SEO Audit & Keyword Research

An audit is a thorough and full review of your current state of being, which allows us to analyse your strengths and weaknesses. In order to provide you with the best way forward we provide you with a extensive file full of graphs, tables and other data oversights such as keyword research. This is then followed up by a list of improvements that we suggest you to make. We apply different rates according to the size of your business, if you like to receive a quote please send us a request here.

These are a few of our tools

Google Adwords Seekbo Excel Seekbo Screaming frog Seekbo Majestic SEO Google Analytics - Seekbo

Frequently Asked Questions

This is one of the most commonly asked questions, and we always have one simple answer. You will find people who sell you the idea of quick and easy 1st page ranking, but it’s most of the times a scam. We rather say that we are not sure how long it will take exactly, but on average it is between 6 to 12 months of work. It’s therefore more a journey than just a simple payment or investment.

Yes, if you hire Seekbo as your consultant it will be in your mail box whenever you request it. Be alert for companies that cannot provide you this, as most of the times it means that what they do can’t be shown, because it’s nonexistent, shady, or a scam.

We work in various different ways, and therefore you can tailor the cost of your business the way you like it. But to give you an estimation; we normally provide our clients with monthly invoices of 20 hours work and 20 hours of consulting fees. Which entails a total cost of €4k. 

Let’s break down the total investment plan in the digital marketing space, and so giving you a clear picture of what should go to SEO. Let’s suppose that your revenue €10m is, and you decide to invest 10% of this in marketing and sales which is €1m.

The breakdown would be as follows, 25% should go to your regular sales resources. And another 25% should go to marketing. Which leaves us at 50%, or half-a-million for the digital space. We then recommend you to invest 40% (€200k) in SEO, 40% (€200K) in paid search and 20% (€100k) in content.

Of course are these numbers merely an example, but the formula can be applicable to all sorts of different revenue sizes.

Yes, we have clients all over the world, and we are able to meet you in your city to discuss what’s best for you. Or many times we will assist you over phone, mail or Skype. Many of our decisions are made by conference calls, or personal consultation sessions.

Choosing a SEO firm is extremely important for your business, so we recommend you to read up on SEO before deciding anything. Because many companies are out there to deceive you. The relationship with a firm is most important, it is compatible to law firms or architect firms. So our first recommendation is to make sure you trust them and feel that they will do everything to better your business. Secondly, we advice you to ask them for detailed reports and results of what they are doing – so before you sign ask them if they will provide that. Thirdly, we would ask you to request results of their other clients so you can see that they will deliver. Lastly, make sure you have looked at their site, and determine if this looks shady or excellent.

Closing Arguments

We hope you have learned a little bit more about SEO, SEO in Milan and SEO internationally. About our services and why we are different than any other SEO Agency in Milan. And what we offer as services to you here in Italy and Milan. We have our office in Milan, but we can always come to you anywhere else in Italy.

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